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Links / Enlaces

General Links

My other site, ChronoAtlas.com: The Interactive Historical Atlas of the World. This site allows anybody to contribute cities, photos, boundaries and other features to an ever-growing interactive historical atlas:

An incredibly detailed timeline of the ancient Mediterranean World, where possible, all events in the timeline link to freely available online ancient primary sources that describe the events in detail.

This website has many highly detailed and well researched articles on Ancient Mediterranean and Persian History

Online Thesaurus of Ancient Greece
(great if you are looking for more detail than wikipedia):
Ancient Greek Thesaurus
Ancient Greek Thesaurus

A site with a lot of detailed information on ancient history:
The Xenophile Historian
The Xenophile Historian

Klingschor's Blog
A great blog about Islamic History with an even better youtube video channel
Klingschor's Youtube channels:
L'Orientalist: Focused on Islamic History
Klingschor: Focused on Polemics and Debate

Talessman’s Atlas of World History
Political maps of the world at various key dates

Macro History
History from a Macro Perspective

Links in Spanish / Enlaces en Español

Un foro muy bien organizado y muy popular sobre
la historia, con muchos expertos en todos los temas:
Mundo Historia

Sitio web de la Universidad de Murcia sobre el mundo griego y romano:

Aquí hay una serie de blogs sobre el Mediterráneo antiguo en español,
todos con una gran selección de imágenes y vídeos:
Iberia en la Edad del Hierro: http://trahistant.blogspot.com/
Sobre la Historia de Andalucía: http://torrestrella.blogspot.com
Sobre Cádiz en los tiempos ancianos: http://museomelkart.blogspot.com
Sobre los fenicios: http://cefyp-es.blogspot.com/
Sobre Cartago: http://qarthadast.blogspot.com/
Sobre la Mesopotamia: http://sargonid.blogspot.com/

Links for Kids

The Rome Project: A Collection of Online Resources of Roman History Targeted at School Kids

Online high school diploma program for teens and adults

Kids Konnect: a repository of online educational resources for children
Kids Konnect

Another great repository of online resources for school students of history

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