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Quiz 2: The Carthaginians

    1: Name the legendary Phoenician queen that founded the City of Carthage

A) Tanit
B) Dido
C) Salaambo
D) Jezebal
E) Zenobia

    2: Which Phoenician mother city founded Carthage?

A) Tyre
B) Sidon
C) Byblos
D) Ugarit
E) Arward

    3: The name Carthage or 'Kart-Hadash' in Phoenician means.

A) Safe harbour
B) The gate to the west
C) The new city
D) Paradise
E) A new hope

    4: Which of the following cities was not originally a Phoenician / Punic Colony?

A) Cadiz
B) Lisbon
C) Palermo
D) Valencia
E) Cagliari

    5: The face on this Carthaginian coin depicts which Goddess?

A) Athena
B) Astarte
C) Tanit
D) Artemis
E) Tinjis

    6: Name the Carthaginian explorer famous for sailing around the Atlantic coast of Africa

A) Hasdrubal
B) Gisco
C) Hannibal
D) Necho
E) Hanno

    7: In which war did Carthage lose control of the island of Sardinia?

A) The First Punic War
B) The Second Punic War
C) The Third Punic War
D) The Mercenary War
E) The Sicilian Wars

    8: Which Spanish city did Hannibal besiege that led to war with Rome in the Second Punic War?

A) Ullastret
B) Saguntum
C) Numantia
D) Emporiae
E) Tarraco

    9: Which Roman Statesman famously said "Carthago delenda est" (Carthage must be destroyed)?

A) Scipio Africanus
B) Cato the Elder
C) Julius Caesar
D) Scipio the Younger
E) Pompey the Great

    10: Which Roman Emperor had the City of Carthage rebuilt on its original spot?

A) Hadrian
B) Vespasian
C) Septimus Severus
D) Augustus
E) Tiberius


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