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Quiz 4: The Roman Civil Wars

    1: Julius Caesar is quoted to have said "Alia acta est" (The Die is cast) when he.

A) led his troops into Gaul
B) was murdered by Roman Senators
C) crossed the Rubicon River
D) defeated Pompey at the Battle of Munda
E) landed on the coast of Britain

    2: The Roman senators led by Pompey the Great that opposed Julius Caesar in 49 BC were known as

A) the Democrats
B) Campaign for a free Rome
C) the Liberatores
D) the Optimates
E) the Populares

    3: Pompey the Great was killed on whose orders?

A) Ptolemy XIII
B) Mark Antony
C) Julius Caesar
D) Cleopatra VII
E) The Second Triumvirate

    4: Pompey the Great's son, Sextus Pompey defied the Second Trimuvirate and created a pirate stronghold on which Mediterranean island?

A) Crete
B) Cyprus
C) Ibiza
D) Malta
E) Sicily

    5: Queen Cleopatra VII bore children with 2 famous Roman generals, they were

A) Mark Antony and Marcus Lepidus
B) Mark Antony and Octavian
C) Julius Caesar and Lucius Vorenus
D) Mark Antony and Titus Pollo
E) Mark Antony and Julius Caesar

    6: The Liberatores were the group of Roman Senators that considered Julius Caesar a Dictator and assassinated him, name two of the most famous Liberatores.

A) Octavian and Mark Antony
B) Marcus Lepidus and Brutus
C) Octavian and Brutus
D) Mark Antony and Brutus
E) Cassius and Brutus

    7: After the Battle of Phillipi in 42 BC, the Second Triumvirate divided the Roman Empire between them, Mark Antony was to govern.

A) Egypt
B) Cisalpine Gaul
C) Transalpine Gaul
D) Africa
E) The Eastern Provinces

    8: Sextus Pompey was finaly defeated by a Roman Fleet at the Battle of Naulochus commanded by whom?

A) Lucius Vorenus
B) Marcus Agrippa
C) Octavian
D) Marcus Lepidus
E) Mark Antony

    9: When Cleopatra heard that Mark Antony was dead, she is said to have commited suicide using.

A) An asp
B) A bronze dagger
C) a scorpion
D) poison drank from a ceremonial Pharonic cup
E) poisoned figs

    10: After defeating Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Octavian renamed himself as.

A) Leader of the Free World
B) Il Duce
C) Tiberius
D) Augustus
E) the Godfather


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