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Quiz 3: Alexander the Great

    1: Where was Alexander the Great born?

A) Attica
B) Ionia
C) Macedon
D) Ithaca
E) Sparta

    2: Aleander the Great was the son of which famous Macedonian King?

A) Pyrrus
B) Seleucus I Nicator
C) Antigonus II
D) Philip II
E) Lysimachus

    3: Which Greek philosopher was the tutor of Alexander the Great in his youth?

A) Aristotle
B) Archimedes
C) Socrates
D) Plato
E) Diodotus

    4: Which Achaemenid king ruled Persia at the time Of Alexander's invasion?

A) Darius II
B) Cyrus the Great
C) Xerxes I
D) Xerxes II
E) Darius III

    5: Which Greek Deity did Alexander make a sacrifice to when he arrived at Troy?

A) Apollo
B) Zeus
C) Athena
D) Hercules
E) Ares

    6: This image depicts Alexander the Great at which battle?

A) The Battle of Granicus
B) The Battle of Guagamela
C) The Battle of Issus
D) The Battle of Hydaspes
E) The Battle of Marathon

    7: The modern city of Herat in Afghanistan was founded by Alexander the Great as.

A) Alexandria the Farthermost
B) Alexandria in Aria
C) Alexandria on the Indus
D) Alexandria on the Oxus
E) Alexandria of the Caucasus

    8: Which island city did Alexander the Great succesfully conquer by building a causeway connecting the island to the mainland?

A) Arwad
B) Gades
C) Tyre
D) Halicanarsus
E) Sardis

    9: In which city did Alexander the Great die?

A) Alexandria
B) Persepolis
C) Athens
D) Babylon
E) Pella

    10: Which of Alexander's generals started the dynasty that would rule Egypt from Alexandria?

A) Seleucus
B) Craterus
C) Cassander
D) Lysimachus
E) Ptolemy


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