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Quiz 5: Ancient Spain

    1: Which of the following ancient peoples never settled in Spain?

A) The Greeks
B) The Romans
C) The Phoenicians
D) The Iberians
E) The Persians

    2: The people that migrated from Gaul to Spain in the first millenium BC and spoke an Indo-Europan dialect were known as the.

A) Iberians
B) Basques
C) Phoenicians
D) Celts
E) Goths

    3: The Spanish city of Cadiz (ancient Gades) was founded by the

A) Celtiberians
B) Phoenicians
C) Romans
D) Ionian Greeks
E) Dorian Greeks

    4: What Spanish commodity was brought back in such large quantities that it flooded the Assyrian market in the 8th Century BC?

A) Wine
B) Gold
C) Silver
D) Olive Oil
E) Iron

    5: The legendary Spanish kingdom ruled by King Argentonio was known as..

A) Lusitania
B) Turdetani
C) Tartessos
D) Numantia
E) Argentina

    6: Which of the following modern Spanish cities was originaly founded by Greeks?

A) Valencia
B) Barcelona
C) Cordoba
D) Ampurias
E) Madrid

    7: This Iberian sculpture unearthed in south east Spain is known as.

A) La Dama de Murcia
B) La Dama de Elche
C) La Dama Griega
D) La Dama Punica
E) La Dama de Albacete

    8: The ancient name of the area roughly covering the modern nation of Portugal was known as.

A) Lusitania
B) Aquitania
C) Portitania
D) Numidia
E) Carpetania

    9: In 226 BC, Carthage and Rome signed a treaty that fixed the boundary of their two territories at.

A) The Guadalquivir River
B) The Pyrenees
C) The Duero River
D) The Ebro River
E) The Guadiana River

    10: The ancient Roman city of Caesar Augusta is known today as.

A) Tarragona
B) Barcelona
C) Salamanca
D) Sigenza
E) Zaragossa


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