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Quiz 6: The Assyrians

    1: The Assyrian homeland, encompassing the Assyrian cities of Ninevah and Nimrud is located in which modern nation?

A) Syria
B) Jordan
C) Iraq
D) Turkey
E) Armenia

    2: Akkadian, the early language of the ancient Assyrians is part of which broad language family?

A) Indo-European
B) Semitic
C) Hamitic
D) Kushitic
E) Tyrsenian

    3: After a period of decline, the Assyrians re-emerged as a major force in the 9th-7th Centuries BC, building the largest Empire the world had yet seen, known as the..

A) Neo-Assyrian Empire
B) Akkadian Empire
C) Neo-Babylonian Empire
D) Aecheminid Empire
E) Ninevah Dynasty

    4: Which of these places did the Assyrians not conquer?

A) Egypt
B) Cyprus
C) Israel
D) Greece
E) Babylon

    5: Which of these ethnic groups was not subject to forced migrations under the Assyrian Empire?

A) The Babylonians
B) The Persians
C) The Jews
D) The peoples of Hamath
E) The Wahhabis

    6: Assyrian art was well known for its political propoganda, which commonly displayed Assyrian Kings.

A) debating with prominent learned scholars
B) paying tribute to foreign gods
C) liberating enslaved peoples
D) providing food and housing for the poor
E) torturing and killing foreign dissidents

    7: Which of these cities was never the capital of the Assyrian Empire?

A) Ninevah
B) Assur
C) Nimrud
D) Khorsabad
E) Nippur

    8: Which language gradually replaced Akkadian as the primary language of the Assyrian Empire?

A) Hebrew
B) Aramaic
C) Amorite
D) Edomite
E) Persian

    9: This image shows which King bowing at the feet of the Assyrian King Shalmeneser III?

A) Jehu, King of Israel
B) Hiram I, King of Tyre
C) Hammurabi, King of Babylon
D) Muwatilli II, King of the Hittites
E) Cyaxares, King of Medea

    10: The Neo-Assyrian Empire was finaly destroyed by.

A) Alexander the Great of Macedon
B) the combined forces of Babylonians and Medeans
C) the combined forces of Babylonians and Egyptians
D) Cyrus the Great of Persia
E) the Romans


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