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Quiz 7: The Bronze Age Aegean

    1: The Minoan Civilization emerged on which island?

A) Cyprus
B) Crete
C) Kythera
D) Rhodes
E) Sicily

    2: An important Minoan festive celebration involved particpants dancing with

A) a dolphin
B) a monkey
C) a bull
D) a lion
E) a goat

    3: The Minoan Civilization was finaly destroyed by.

A) the Dorians
B) the Assyrians
C) the Myceneans
D) the Trojans
E) the Phoenicians

    4: Some academics have suggested that the Minoan civilization was the inspiration for the legend of

A) the seven cities of gold
B) the fountain of youth
C) the Queen of Sheba
D) the Garden of Eden
E) Atlantis

    5: Which of the following was not a common motif of Minoan art?

A) Dolphins
B) Bulls
C) Celebrations
D) Warfare
E) Agriculture

    6: The story of the Trojan Wars was set during which age of Aegean history?

A) Minoan
B) Mycenean
C) Archaic
D) Geometric
E) Classical

    7: Agamemnon was the legendary king of which Bronze Age Aegean City?

A) Mycenae
B) Sparta
C) Troy
D) Knossos
E) Athens

    8: Linear B was the written language used by which ancient people?

A) The Minoans
B) The Dorians
C) The Ionians
D) The Myceneans
E) The Hittites

    9: The Mycenean civilization came to an end during

A) The Bronze Age Collapse
B) The Trojan Wars
C) The Greco-Persian Wars
D) The Peloponnesian Wars
E) The Hellenistic Era

    10: The Sea Peoples are credited with

A) the discovery of the Canary Islands
B) the invention of the triangular sail
C) wreaking havoc in the Near East during the Bronze Age Collapse
D) providing the ships for the Greek invasion of Troy
E) navigation by the stars


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