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Quiz 8: The Decline of the Roman Empire

    1: In 285 AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian divided the Empire in two parts, named.

A) The Northern and Southern Empires
B) The European and Asian Empires
C) The Western and Eastern Empires
D) The African and European Empires
E) The Asian and African Empires

    2: Attila led which of these barbarian tribes in an invasion of the Roman Empire?

A) The Visigoths
B) The Ostrogoths
C) The Franks
D) The Huns
E) The Avars

    3: Name the barbarian tribe that established a kingdom in North Africa and sacked Rome in 455 AD

A) The Visigoths
B) The Huns
C) The Thugs
D) The Delinquents
E) The Vandals

    4: Which of the following barbarian tribes that invaded the Roman Empire did not speak a Germanic language?

A) The Visigoths
B) The Huns
C) The Vandals
D) The Saxons
E) The Sueves

    5: Which of the following groups did not invade the British Isles?

A) The Ostrogoths
B) The Celts
C) The Saxons
D) The Normans
E) The Angles

    6: Which of the following has not been cited by historians as a cause of the decline of the Roman Empire?

A) Plagues
B) Invasions
C) The rise of Christianity
D) Devaluation of the curency
E) The military coup of Julius Caesar

    7: The Eastern Roman Empire was governed from

A) Antioch
B) Jerusalem
C) Athens
D) Constantinople
E) Alexandria

    8: Historians refer to the Eastern Roman Empire during the Medieval period as the..

A) Holy Roman Empire
B) Sultanate of Rum
C) Byzantine Empire
D) The Caliphate
E) The Ottoman Empire

    9: Which of the following languages gradually replaced Latin as the main language of the Eastern Roman Empire?

A) Italian
B) German
C) English
D) Greek
E) Aramaic

    10: The Eastern Roman Empire outlasted the Western Roman Empire for 1,000 years, but was finally destroyed by..

A) The Mongols
B) The Arabs
C) The Russians
D) The Turks
E) The Christians


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