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Quiz 9: The Rise of Islam

    1: In which city did Mohammed, the founder of Islam, grow up?

A) Jerusalem
B) Mecca
C) Medina
D) Baghdad
E) Babylon

    2: According to Islamic tradition, who established the Kaaba in Mecca?

A) Jesus
B) Abraham
C) Mohammed
D) Moses
E) Abu Bakr

    3: The primary method with which Islam spread out of Arabia was through..

A) Missionaries
B) Intermarriage
C) Free distribution of Holy Books
D) Muslims caring for the sick in foreign lands
E) Military conquest

    4: What was the cause of the Wars of Apostacy?

A) Mohammed called on his followers to conquer Jerusalem
B) Arabia was invaded by Christians
C) The Arabs that had converted to Islam renounced their faith after the death of Mohammed
D) The Shi'ites rebeled from the Sunnis
E) The Arabs invaded Persia

    5: Which of the following regions was not conquered by the Arabs in the first 100 years of Islamic history?

A) Spain
B) Egypt
C) Persia
D) India
E) Mesopotamia

    6: The Arabs conquered Jerusalem from whom?

A) The Romans
B) The Persians
C) The Israelites
D) The Greeks
E) The Egyptians

    7: When the Arabs reached North Africa they fought against a warrior queen named

A) Fatima
B) Kahina
C) Zenobia
D) Dido
E) Boadecia

    8: In 661 AD, the Ummayad dynasty established which city as the capital of the Arab Caliphate?

A) Mecca
B) Medina
C) Baghdad
D) Cairo
E) Damascus

    9: The Ummayads were ousted from power by the Abbasids, but were able to set up a rival Caliphate in..

A) Persia
B) Egypt
C) Turkey
D) Tunisia
E) Spain

    10: After conquering Spain, the Arabs were stopped from further conquests in Western Europe at the Battle of Tours by

A) The Romans
B) The Germans
C) The Franks
D) The Normans
E) The Greeks


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