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Bronze Age Maps
Ancient Egypt
The Minoan World (1900-1425 BC)
Mycenaean Greece (1550-1060 BC)
The Bronze Age Collapse (1250-1150 BC)

Iron Age Maps
Ancient Israel and Phoenicia
Ethnic Groups of Archaic Greece
The Assyrians
Iron Age Cyprus
Ancient Greek Religious Sanctuaries
The Achaemenid Empire of Persia *New*
Overview Map of the Entire Mediterranean (500 BC)
The Rise of Sparta
The Greco-Persian Wars
The Peloponnesian War
Greek and Phoenician Colonies in Sicily
Greek and Phoenician Colonies in Iberia
Alexander the Great
The Diadochi and the Hellenistic Age
Ptolemaic Egypt *Updated*
The Roman Conquest of Italy
The First Punic War
The Second Punic War
The Roman Conquest of the Mediterranean
The Demise of the Roman Republic (50 BC - 30 BC)
Roman Hispania
Roman Provence
Roman Africa
The Rise of Christianity

Medieval Maps
The Fall of the Roman Empire
The Birth of Islam in Arabia
The Rise of Islam
Islamic Spain and the Reconquista
Saracens Raids in the Mediterranean and the Christian Recovery (800-1100 AD)
The Crusades in the Holy Land
The Mediterranean Empire of the Crown of Aragon
The Maritime Republics of Venice, Genoa, and Pisa
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